In my last post - DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Hand-Knotted Mala - I promised to follow up with a DIY tassel tutorial. So here it is!


  • Thread - I used cotton crochet thread because I like natural fibers.
  • Fabric scissors - these need to be high quality with sharp blades.
  • Piece of cardboard the size of tassel you want to make - I used a 4 inch piece.

Materials: Crochet thread, fabric scissors, 4 inch piece of cardboard

I used blue thread for my tassel and black thread for the wrapping around the top of the tassel but you can also use the same color as your tassel if you wish.


1.  Cut a 12 inch piece of thread that you are using for your tassel - blue in this case. Then cut a 20 inch piece of your contrasting thread - black in this case.

2.  Now using the ball of thread you are using for the tassel - blue in this case - start wrapping around your piece of cardboard.


3. Keep wrapping - I wrapped about 50 times around the cardboard.

4. Take your 12 inch piece of same color thread and thread through the top of the tassel. Then make an overhand knot.

5. Slide the tassel off the cardboard, grab the bottom of your tassel and cut it with your fabric scissors. Don't worry if the ends are not exactly even.

6. Now take your 20 inch piece of contrasting thread and make a loop at one end. Then place the loop against the top of your tassel.

7. Start wrapping around the top of the tassel and loop using the longer end of thread. Wrap until you are happy with the size of band for the top of your tassel.

8. At this point you can just tie a knot and be done but in doing this I find that the thread around the knot sticks out and doesn't lie flat against the wrapping. So to hide the ends I use the following technique. Take the longer end of your thread and thread it under and through the loop. Then pull both ends of thread pulling the loop up and under your wrapping.

9. Now cut both ends of thread close to the wrapping.

10. Now you're ready to even up the bottom of your tassel. Just cut the threads at the bottom for a nice even edge.

And now you have a tassel ready to add to a necklace or other project!

UPDATE 10/13/17:  Here's what I did with that tassel!

         Pocket Mala wtih 36 Black Onyx Beads and Turquoise Blue Cotton Tassel